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                İ  | English
                Shanghai Li Xiang Copper Co., Ltd.
                Free service hotline:400-699-2213
                Contact: Mr. Zhang
                Mobile: 13816969155
                Tel: 021-67670893
                Address: 189 Zhen Jing-dong Yip Road Industrial Zone, Songjiang District, Shanghai
                  About Us
                      Li Xiang Shanghai Copper Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai City, Songjiang District Industrial Park, convenient traffic, with metal processing production equipment and perfect, always adhere to the basis of domestic and global services business principles; adhere to an industry based, doing fine, and constantly improve the professional level and service quality, promote trade development in order to improve the service and excellent professional quality; adhere to honesty, seeking long-term, to promote the healthy development of enterprises with good reputation and scientific management. With a good reputation and quality products throughout the country more than 30 copper alloy provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, won the trust of users.
                      professional production: copper, copper, brass (copper wire, large diameter), copper, copper, copper and other special specification grade copper materials. Products are widely used in automobiles, ships, machinery, electric power, electronic and electrical appliances, IT industry, heat transfer, chemical, hardware, architectural decoration industry.
                        after several years of unremitting efforts of our factory business continues to grow. Through years of cooperation with each big company, so I plant product quality and service levels continue to improve and perfect. With advanced enterprise management, has a skilled engineer, and technical staff, professional division of labor details, multiple audits, strict checks to confirm, after the production, to avoid the loss of customers and factories. To the customer's requirements for the highest standards, professional technology, perfect service to the greatest extent to meet customer requirements.
                189 Zhen Jing-dong Yip Road Industrial Zone, Songjiang District, ShanghaiTelephone: 021-67670893 Fax: 021-67670765 Free service hotline: 400-699-2213
                Mobile: 13816969155Mr.Zhang 18121149270Mr.Cheng 13816939838Mr.Ling Technical Support : WeiLian Network